Friday, March 7, 2014

A Birth Story... One year late.

Hello everyone. I realize it has been over 2 years since I last blogged! Wow, that is a long time. Today is Edwin's 1st birthday and I realized that I didn't have his birth story written down anywhere so I thought today would be a good day to share it on the blog. 

Wednesday March 6, 2013
                I started having contractions pretty much all day but nothing was consistent or very hard and everyone I had talked to had said that you would definitely know when you were in labor so I figured these were just starter contractions, nothing to worry about. I could still easily talk through them. Later that night they started to get a little more intense but again I could still talk through them and enjoy a movie that Ryan and I were watching. I decided to try and sleep and I figured if I could fall asleep these definitely were not real contractions. So, I fell asleep and I slept through the night. 

Thursday March 7, 2013
          I woke up feeling great, other than the fact that I was now officially a whole week over due. I had a doctors appointment that afternoon and I was super excited to see if anything was happening. When I was getting ready for my appointment I thought for one second about packing my hospital bag and taking it with me because maybe they might tell me I was in labor and I was having this baby but then I put that out of my mind. That wasn't going to happen. So I arrived at my appt and they hooked me up for a non stress test. During the test I had several contractions and the nurses would all ask me, are you sure you're ok? Those are some strong contractions. I told them I was fine. They were strong but nothing bad. So next i went into the room and the doc came in. It was a dr I had never met at the practice but right away I loved him. He was so nice and super sweet and he told me that i was either having this baby today or we would induce this weekend. I was happy either way. 41 weeks was good enough for me! So I got ready for my cervical check and the doctor took about 2 seconds and he goes. whoa! We are going over to the hospital right now! You are 6 cm dilated and about to have a baby soon! I burst into tears! I was super excited and a little thrown off at the sudden realization that I was finally having this baby boy right now! and of course Ryan was not with me. So I got dressed and called Ryan and told him they are wheeling me over to the hospital right now. We are having a baby today! Then I called my mom and asked her to pack my hospital bag. I don't know why i didn't have that ready, being 41 weeks pregnant. I guess you could say I am a pro procrastinator. Hence the year late birth story! So I got to ride in a wheel chair over to the hospital and as soon as we got the the desk my first question, "Can I get my epidural? I do not want to be to far along and not have that. I need that. now please!" haha. So I got all ready and hooked up to all the iv's and stuff. I must have had like 6 nurses working on me. I was positive for group strep b or something like that so I needed to have antibiotics before I delivered so they were hurrying to get that going since I was already 6 cm! So I got all settled and the anesthesiologist got there plenty early and I got my epidural. Ryan finally got there and then we just waited. We waited 4 hours until i got my second dose of antibiotics and then my dr came in and broke my water. OMG! after he did that my contractions immediately got stronger and of course, my epidural started wearing off. I have never been in so much pain ever. I was crying, yelling, pleading for more drugs. I was not prepared for this pain. I believe at some point I even said, "I don't know WHY Beth does this!" (Side note: my sister in law had a natural birth. I think that is crazy. Brave and strong, but crazy!) So, finally they got me some more drugs but they gave me a ton right away because I was in transition and it hurt like hell! So, I was completely numb from the waist down. could not even will my legs to move at all. When it came time to push this was difficult because i could not hold my legs at all. So Ryan had to help hold my legs and he about passed out from that so I told him to go find my mom and she could help and he could watch Duncan. By the time he found my mom and everyone was in the room I pushed 2 or 3 times i think and the baby was out! I couldn't believe how fast that went. Duncan took me 2.5 hours of pushing and Edwin was about 5 minutes! I couldn't believe he was already here! 7:32 pm March 7, 2013 Edwin Dean Walker was born. 7 lbs 6 oz. A whole pound bigger than Duncan. 
After the delivery they transferred us to a postpartum room where we would try to get some rest. With Duncan I was so nervous and checked on him like every 15 minutes to make sure he was still breathing. With Edwin, he made sure we knew he was there. About every 20 minutes he would just start shrieking and screaming. It scared the begezies out of me every single time. He did not like to lay down in his bassinet. One of the rules of the hospital is that you can't sleep with your baby but I did not care. This baby was not going to sleep unless i was holding him and I was not going to keep my eyelids open. This extreme crying went on for about a month! 
I would not have survived that first month if it was not for my mom. She slept upstairs in Duncans big boy bed (he was still in the crib) and every night she helped me get him back to sleep so that I could try and sleep at least an hour or two until he needed to eat again. (My mom is the best, most amazing mom and person that I know.) It's taken a lot of hard work and lots of crying, from both me and Edwin, but he's finally learning to sleep through the night. The first 4 months of Edwin's life was really hard. He was not an easy baby. He's become a much easier toddler though. 
And now a year later, Edwin is so much fun and I love watching my boys play together. It's hard a lot of days but so worth it.  Sorry for the ramble but I just wanted to put everything in writing before I forget and want another one! lol. 



  1. Better late than never :) Such a good mommy to two cute boys!

  2. Things get real serious for me too when my water breaks. Such a great story!